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the gregorian calendar year before april 5 for tomb-sweeping day, 24 solar is one. this is the tomb-sweeping day on april 4. in the twenty four seasons, is also the only qingming festival nights. chinese traditional festival, is also the most important

Everyone has his own dream. Some want to be doctors. Others hope to be scientists. My dream is to become a teacher.每个人都有他自己的梦想.一些人想成为医生.一些人希望成为科学家.我的梦想是成为一名老师.Teachers can not teach


百度一下全部视频图片问答资讯贴吧文库小程序小视频音乐应用购物地图热议采购职位五一英语手抄报内容 - 图片百度图片查看更多图片五一劳动节英语手抄报资料英语~~_百度知道6个回答 - 回答时间:2017年5月25日[最佳答案]Labor's Day is


Exercise-A Good Way To Keep Healthy Everyone wants to have a healthy life,but what should we do?Eating healthily and having a good rest may help you.But do you think that we forget a very important thing,that is exercise!I think everyone should

英语手抄报我们办过,咱拿的一等奖哦!1.你可以分成几个版块 就像书上这么分也不错呀(因为对于我们资历还太浅,不知道什么好听的英文题目,如果用错了,小心还会给你的手抄报打折扣)2.你可以在书上或者网上找一些关于手抄报的版块


还记得我的手抄报得了三等奖,因为同学的一句话,本该高兴的事变得不开心.你开导我 人活着不可能十全十美,做到人人都认可Remember my Shouchao Bao won third prize, because a words of classmate, the glad for the incident was not happy. You enlighten me people alive can not be perfect, so everyone recognized望采纳!谢谢!


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