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Leaning Tower of Pisa比萨斜塔(位于意大利比萨古城内的教堂广场上); 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.In one of the most famous ( though probably apocryphal) stories in the history of science,galileo dropped unequally weighted balls from the

Leaning Tower of Pisa基本翻译比萨斜塔(位于意大利比萨古城内的教堂广场上)网络释义Leaning Tower of Pisa:比萨斜塔The Leaning Tower of Pisa:比萨斜塔Leaning Tower of Pisa,Italy:比萨斜塔of = 的

英文原文:leaning tower of pisa 英式音标:[lin] [ta] [v; ()v] pisa 美式音标:[lin] [ta] [v] pisa

Known for its leaning tower and its art, Pisa, Italy, is the capital of the province of Pisa. It is situated on the Arno River in Tuscany, close to the Ligurian Sea.Pisa is the seat of an academy of fine arts, an archbishopric, and the University of Pisa. Rich

在比萨斜塔 悬赏分:10 - 离问题结束还有14天23小时 该塔建的比萨是在italy.it最漂亮的钟楼,是比萨大教堂的钟楼.然而,不仅是美丽的大理石塔,它也许是在world.lt奇怪的塔倾斜到一边,看起来是会摔倒. 该塔的建设开始于1173年8月,花

does lucy take the car to the bus stop? they walk to work. it took lucy an hour to practice the game.(lucy spent an hour in practing the game.)

比萨斜塔是位于哪一个国家的? it is in italy

呵呵 ,问对地方了.国家是:意大利具体阐述: Leaning 倾斜的 pisa: 比萨(特指比萨斜塔)

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